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A guest post by Lisa Triche

The Holiday Tune-Up

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

For the start to the holiday season, I'm excited to share a piece with you by my friend, Lisa Triche. Lisa lives a bountiful life that includes managing bipolar disorder. I asked her to share a short story to shine a light on how hard it can be for loved ones living with a mood disorder to face the holiday season. She also identifies warning signs that might indicate trouble is brewing and methods she uses to cope and to keep herself on track. For family members, this is an inside perspective on thoughts and feelings that are sometimes hard for our loved ones to share with us.

She writes, "I tell you this story because like the family reunion that summer, the holiday season is approaching and it’s even worse. It’s 'Hurricane Season.' For people with mood disorders, such as myself, the holidays are comparable to high school reunions, yet with more at stake."

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  • 25 November 2015
  • Author: Tracey Yokas
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Chapter Two, Spearheaded by Sue Schwartz

Rising Strong cyber-bookclub Ch. 2

This week: Chapter Two spearheaded by Sue Schwartz.

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  • 18 November 2015
  • Author: Tracey Yokas
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Introduction and Chapter 1

Rising Strong cyber-bookclub

We are showing up here together to learn and grow and share our wisdom. To me, this participation has badassery written all over it.

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  • 10 November 2015
  • Author: Tracey Yokas
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Let's get this party started!

Rising Strong cyber-bookclub

The basic guidelines and preliminary schedule are detailed in this post. I’d like to get started and plan to have the first post for the Introduction and Chapter 1 go out next week on November 12.

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  • 4 November 2015
  • Author: Tracey Yokas
  • Number of views: 2963
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Difficulty keeps the struggle away

A difficulty a day...

Months ago, I began to think in earnest about my notions surrounding struggle. Actually, what happened was that I asked myself why everything has to be so fucking hard. Why, with as much gratitude as I have for the changes in my life and my daughter’s life, was I finding it so hard, still, to be a wife and a mother and a friend and a writer and, well, just about everything.

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  • 27 October 2015
  • Author: Tracey Yokas
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