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Notes on gratitude 50 for 50 #5
11 February 2018

Notes on gratitude 50 for 50 #5

It's not a coincidence.

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Notes on gratitude  50 for 50 #4
30 January 2018

Notes on gratitude 50 for 50 #4

Getting back on track with gratitude as a verb.

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Notes on Gratitude
18 June 2017

Notes on Gratitude

Been thinking about my dad a lot lately, during these milestones that he would have so enjoyed:  high school football and water polo games, awards nights, and graduation. 

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Notes on Gratitude
11 June 2017

Notes on Gratitude

My girl's big day.

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Notes on Gratitude
16 May 2017

Notes on Gratitude

NAMIWalks Ventura County 2017 took place on Saturday, May 6. Deep felt gratitude to you for helping me reach my goal.

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Tracey Yokas creates stuff. When she isn’t writing, she can be found playing with paint, glitter, and glue. Art fuels her passion for connection. Tracey lives in Southern California with her family, and aspires to share her truth so others will know they are not alone. Each time she takes a risk and shines a light on her family’s struggle with mental illness, stigma and ignorance lessen. Tracey holds a BS in Communications from Ohio University and a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from California Lutheran University. 

Tracey has contributed articles to iPinion Syndicate (here), and had essays selected to appear in two anthologies: Belly Shame: Stories from the Gut edited by Debra LoGuercio DeAngelo and The Walls Between Us: essays in search of truth edited by Beth Kephart.


"We're all just walking each other home."

–Ram Dass

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"Your book is coming together in a great story that I believe will touch people wholeheartedly. You are taking what was, at times, a very sad and difficult journey, and creating a way to share it and encourage others to maintain the course, to hope, to keep moving forward towards a better life. That's an incredible thing. The path that led you to here, to writing this book, to morph it as you went along, is coming together beautifully. That path, like ourselves and our lives,hasn't been "perfect"... but the end product will be amazing and change lives for the better."

- Susan S.

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