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Creativity Corner
08 August 2017

Creativity Corner

For my third installment of Creativity Corner, I'd like you to meet my friend Jas.

Click the photo to read more. . .

Creativity Corner
15 January 2016

Creativity Corner

I am excited to announce the second addition to my recurring column, Creativity Corner. In Creativity Corner, I explore the ways creativity helps people to cope and inspires healthier, more meaningful living.

Click Mary's photo to read more about the importance of creativity her life and how her company, Grateful Glass, was born during a very difficult time.

Introducing: Creativity Corner
18 September 2015

Introducing: Creativity Corner

I am beyond excited to announce the first in what I intend to make a recurring column on this site called, Creativity Corner. In Creativity Corner, I will explore the ways in which different types of creativity inspire people to live healthier more meaningful lives.

Up first, a little bit about how I made the connection between creativity and healing and my dear friend, Creativity Corner's first guinea pig, Jessica Gilkison. I asked her about her decision to embark on the "writing life," about how the creative act of writing is helping her to grieve and to heal after her mother’s death, and more.

Click Jess's photo to read more about the importance of creativity in my life and hers.

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